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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here to help you face your friday. tom, i think we're going to do it in a good way. >> we are. another cool morning. a live view of northwest washington. a little bit of light fog hanging in the air. you can see it hanging in the distance in bethesda. patchy fog in the morning and rural a areas. during the afternoon, mild and comfy weather. are you or for summer-like temperatures over the weekend? it looks like it will be moving in for your morning drive. the morning commute. we'll have a little bit of that patchy fog until 8:00, 9:00. watch out for that. temperatures in the 50s. partly cloudy through the the rest of the morning. you'll need your sunglasses as the subpoena will break out quite rightly. by mid to late morning. by then we'll be in the mid-60s. for the rest of the day, a beautiful afternoon. up near 70 by noon time. lots of sunshine. temperatures reaching mid-70s by
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midafternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11, amelia siegel live in georgetown. let's take a look at traffic this friday morning. a couple of crashes. alexis davies reported on that. what's going on? >> no major crashes or incidents reported. just volume. elsewhere, we still have accident in maryland involving a fatality. off-ramp of branch avenue is blocked due to the accident investigation. and westbound 50 before route 201, right lane blocked due to an accident. and john marshall highway at beverly road. use caution in these areas. elsewhere on the roadways, phded phd traveling south on 270 looking good. aaron and eun. voters in scotland have spoken. scotland will remain part of the united kingdomment scottish people turned out in unprecedenteded numbers for independence referendum. the first minister thanked the
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voters who backed independence saying they had change the face of british politics forever. the economy is responding well to the news. british stocks are up in early trading. saturday will mark one week since anyone last heard from her. crews are making a call for emergency crew toss join in the search. peers held a packed vigil last night. thousands of people showed up last night. friends read letters and shared memories. >> the objective is to bring hope to our community a our students but to focus people's attention on the fact that hannah, we believe, is still out there. we want to bring her safely home and have everyone focused on this case. >> the dean of students said the ceremony was all organized by students.
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charlottesville detectives are looking for a person of interest. and the man in this video with hannah graham is helping police. this man seen following hannah claimed a different man approached her moments after this video was taken and put his arms around her. that's who police would like to speak with. for how register to be a volunteer, find requirements posted on it has been six months since 8-year-old alicia rudd went missing from a d.c. homeless shelter. the district could not have prevented the disappearance. lawmakers are challenging those findings. we will have details on i public roundtable this morning >> reporter: good morning, eun. lawmakers determined to look at safety procedures at d.c. general shelter there. and we are expecting to get testimony from members of mayor
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gray's staff on this today during this public round table set to take place in a few hours. a report has said reform, had they been in place, the alicia rudd tragedy still may not have been able to be prevented. council member jim graham said he's not buying that. he said much more could have been done to save her. and there are lots of questions over how all the recommendations that came out of the report a few weeks ago, recommendations that are not new that have now been put in place. some of them by mayor gray's administration in the wake of alicia rudd's disappearance. that roundtable set to take place at 11:00 this morning. back to you. thank you. four fins after 6:00. today say chance for both sides to argue about a meeting go gas station in montgomery county. it marks the end of the longest land use hearing in history.
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costco is looking for an exemption from the county because the pumps are less than 150 feet away from homes, school, and swimming pool. the county board of appeals will make a final decision after findings from the hearing are presented. a big change coming to your toothpaste. the ingredients that dentists cannot stand that they will now remove. >> how it will look at the bus stop, your next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. a developing story in florida. a man gunned down his daughter, six grandchildren, and then himself. new this morning we learned it is not the f you used to sleep like a champ.
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6:09. in news for your health this morning, new numbers for the centers for disease control and prevention say of 100 children who died of the flu last year, more than 90% did not receive it. cdc says everyone over 6 months old should get the vaccine, especially those young children and anyone older than 65. however, less than half of americans received it last year. . well, after a huge uproar, crest has finally agreed to remove the tiny microbeads in their toothpaste. crest pro health and 3d white. they were discovered by dentists and dental hygienists who found them stuck in people's gums. it he says it is safe and approved by the fda. it will voluntarily remove them
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the next six months. it will be completely removed by 2016. >> i think people were surprise to find it was plastic that was the actual material in the toothpaste. this morning, it's pretty cool outside. >> amelia siegel live in georgetown with the storm team 4 by 4. and people waiting in line for the iphone 6. >> the people have been here since 8:00 a.m. yesterday morning. it extends all the way down to wisconsin, wraps around the block towards m street, continues m street for a block. people bundled up this morning. it's chilly. recording a temperature of 68 degrees. the kids are waiting at the bus stop this morning. definitely a chilly one. it gets an a plus. not only because it's friday but
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it will warm up. short sleeves by recess. 68 degrees. georgetown, some of the great places to enjoy your dinner al fresco. if you're going to be eating out around 8:00 p.m. or later, bring a light jacket. it will turn chilly once again. this morning, definitely feeling like autumn in the air. of course fall begins on monday. now send things over to alexis davies. >> thank you, amelia. we are dealing with a fatal accident in someded phmaryland. crews are still out there doing the accident investigation. branch to allentown is shut down due to the accident investigation. be careful in that area. route 50, it is blocked.
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beverly road, and games victim, lee highway. aaron and eun? alexis, thank you. break news from the live desk. why this huge fire had crews going door to door to warn families who live nearby. >> you may want to check out your co-workers a little more closely. illicit behavior one of ten will illicit behavior one of ten will under take while at work.
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i'm richard jordan at the live desk following breaking news. we have live pictures from the philadelphia area. the west kensington neighborhood. a massive warehouse fire there. firefighters have been battling this blaze for coming on four hours now. they say they have got it under control. as you can see, the fire is not out. still a lot of smoke and flames shooting from the abandoned warehouse. directly next door is a paper factory. so the flames spread. all the paper fueling the flames. two minor injuries. a man, who appears to be a resident who lived nearby, he is
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in critical condition right now. firefighters say when they arrived they saw him running out of the building on fire. he's been described as a human torch. he's got burns over 80% of his bow. he is now in critical condition. we have about 120 firefighters working the scene not only fighting the flames but going door to door, banging on the doors of these homes nearby, making sure residents get out of there and are safe. still don't know exactly what caused this blaze. as you can see, a massive effort happening in the philadelphia area. we'll be watching from the live desk. >> thank you, richard. developing right now, police investigating a murder/suicide. eight people, including six children, died. this man shot and killed his daughter and her children in florida. he waited for police to arrive before killing himself. the sheriff's office named the victims. many were toddlers.
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one was 2 and a half months old. this is in bell, florida, west of gainesville, where only about 350 people lived. the shooter's name was don spirit. he was convicted of a gun possession charge in 2003 after he accidentally shot and killed his 8-year-old son while hunting. he was convicted of drug paraphernalia in 1994, battery in 1992, depraoeufg a child of food and water in 1995. a family will be in montgomery county circuit court. this man and wife and two sons are facing charges for a party on damascus road. dozens of underaged teenagers were drinking there. some of the charges, attempting to insight a riot. suing the montgomery county school board for employing a
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phony counselor for 10 years. he claims the school board was negligent. dave flemmer. >> if they looked at his credentials. they would have known he didn't have a ph.d. and that he fortunatelied all his documents. >> the 18-year-old claims emotional damage. flemmer took his own life after he was exposed as a fraud. they are not commenting on this lawsuit. bob mcdonnell is challenging his lawsuit even before he can appeal. he said it was based on in sufficient evidence and errors in court. the couple is scheduled to be sentenced in january. a year after the so-called bridge gate in new jersey.
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so far there's no evidence that governor chris christie knew anything about it. a federal investigation began nine months ago. several entrance lanes to the george washington bridge were shut down, causing a traffic nightmare in new york. investigators say the closures were planned by christie staffers. federal investigators say there is no way he knew about that plan. no final determination has been made. tgif. thank goodness it's iphone friday. that's what these devoted fans are saying. this line is wrapped around the block. some people have been in line since 8:00 yesterday just to be the first to get an iphone 6. this is the trend across the country, not just in the washington area. it marked apple's entry into the
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smartphone arena. it has a bigger screen and longer battery life. if you think waiting in line is bad, how about anything to australia. this guy and girlfriend reserved their iphones on line in california, went to sydney, australia, thus becoming the first in the world to snatch up an iphone 6. >> a little bit of an overachiever. that's going to great lengths to be number one. 20 minutes after 6:00 on a friday morning. things starting off cool. it's going to be a nice day. >> storm team 4 meteorologist with more on what to expect. >> as soon as you get that new iphone, download storm team 4 weather app. when you are mobile, so are we. 24/7. the latest radar. get it free on google play and
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the itunes store. a crescent moon in jupiter. it is being obscured by the cloud. it's right in here. starting off with a partly cloudy sky early this morning. temperatures mid-50s in montgomery. fairfax, low to mid-50s. parts of maryland and rural areas, patchy fog. around the metro area, not a lot of fog. partly cloudy. beautiful afternoon. low humidity. temperatures reaching mid-70s by midafternoon. a delightful day coming up. over the weekend, looking fantastic. weekend outdoor plans saturday looks beautiful. outdoor hiking. temperatures up around 80 degrees during the afternoon. lawn work, yard work, it will be great on sunday too. a bit warmer, though. feeling like summer. mid-80s sunday afternoon. a front comes in sunday night. it might trigger a few scattered showers sunday evening and they
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may linger into the predawn hours on monday. highs reaching the upper 70s. storm team 4 seven-day outlook into next week, dry pattern continues. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, cool mornings in the 50s. afternoon highs, mild, mid to upper 70s. coming up next, weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31, a look at your friday night lights forecast. now traffic. a couple of accidents. not causing any accidents. >> we have an earlier accident in maryland. it is still causing a lot of problems, as see from this live look at chopper 4. branch avenue on to allentown road is closed. allentown road is closed under branch avenue due to this fatal crash.
6:23 am
elsewhere, westbound 50 after route 202. >> alexis, thank you. 6:23. crews going to restart the hunt. the plane disappeared back in march on its way to beijing from kuala lumpur. >> police arrested a man in connection to a fast growing wildfire. some areas near sacramento have been burned to the ground. authorities arrested dwayne huntsman and charged him with arson. his sister said he wouldn't do this because he loves nature. 6:23 now. a new report finds 1 in 10 americans go to work high on marijuana.
6:24 am
out of 534 people, 81% admitted to getting marijuana illegally in states where it is legal colorado and washington state, employers are trying to find balance between obeying and enforcing workplac right now medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and d.c. stop doing what you're doing and reason to this next story. >> a feel-good story. two friends at a texas high school vowed to make up for a high school school prank. two friends at a texas high school vowed to make up for a classmate's cruel prank by giving the homecoming crown to one of their best friends. lillian skinner is one of the nicest people they have earlier month. she was told she had been nominated for homecoming court
6:25 am
when she was not. her two best friends, who were on the homecoming court decided to give skinner the crown if they won. >> seeing the look at her face. just the way she reacted towards it was priceless. and i knew it was the right decision. >> i was like, wow, really? it was a dream. >> the principal says this is one of the proudest moments of his entire school career. it gives you a little chill there. some people can be so cruel. others can step up and be so nice. >> educators work so hard. but ultimately trying to build characters is higher achievement for sure. >> good for them. new pressure on the redskins to change their team name. why a new idea could not only cost our team but every team in the nfl. the reason it could be tougher to find a parking spot this morning. and it's almost the weekend. yipee! storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. he'll get you through your friday forecast. your next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31.
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so far this morning it's barely cool out there.
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we're seeing a lot of people in jackets and hoodies. but as the sun starts to come up, things will warm up as well. >> you have to be happy we're here. >> i am happy. i am. >> it is what it is right now. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here to help you get ready to face the take. >> one of my twitter followers said i just move here from south dakota and i love your weather. it has been absolutely gorgeous. this monitor behind me is running the latest european model. it shows this dry pattern continuing. up one chance of rain in the next seven days. not today. hour by hour, there is the capitol under a partly cloudy sky early on this friday morning. in the 50s now. by 8:00, it will be near 60 by noon. near 70. lots of sunshine through the day. beautiful afternoon. partly cloughy. low humidity peaking in the mid-70s by late afternoon.
6:30 am
absolutely gorgeous. under a a partly cloudy sky. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:41. >> you can see here from chopper 4 the vehicle is still on the scene. and the off-ramp from branch avenue on to allentown road is closed. use caution. find an alternate route. traveling around the beltway, looking good. around old georgetown road. a couple trains. penn state 511, long delay. penn south 517 canceled this morning. back to you. >> as americans, we do not give
6:31 am
into fear. when you harm our citizens, when you threat especially the united states, when you threaten ou allies, it unites us. we pull together. we stand toget country we love and make justice >> president obama thanking lawmakers. for backing his plan to train the syrian opposition already fighting isis on the ground. tracie potts live on capitol hill. when will the president sign is off on this? >> reporter: good morning. the votes a done deal. we will send equipment and train the syrian rebels to fight against isis.
6:32 am
in july a jury found her guilty of von tear manslaughter, including negligent homicide and dui. a new push to find a missing man from prince george's county. he was wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans and black shoes.
6:33 am
if you have any information, please call. legalizing in d.c. could be a success. they asked likely voters if they would favor legalization. 2% said they were undecided. from the redistricting of d.c. schools to a jab at david catania for not going to nats part mayoral candidates shared the stage. independent carol schwartz focused on reintroducing herself to voters. >> when you ran for council in 1997 you promised to make education your number one priority. in seven years you introduced a council resolution with no specifics, no plan. >> mr. catania wouldn't go because he was still sore after the baseball fight. that speaks to his temperament. >> i served on council in at-large position for four terms and established the department of the environment.
6:34 am
>> news 4's tom sherwood moderated the debate. right now polls show bowser with a sizable lead. 14% of voters are still undecided. and 16% say they could change their minds. we will hear from virginia's two senate can dates. senator mark warner and ed gillespie will take part in a forum in herndon. it is sponsored by several areas of chambers of it will be held at the center for innovative technology at 11:30 this morning. congress is rear-view mirror congress is ramping up to change the name of the redskins. three u.s. senators introduced a bill to revoke the nfl's t tax-exempt status if they continue to promote the team name. 300 tribes and organizations representing 2 million native americans have called on the nfl to force a name change. they say the name is a racial slur. it is now 6:35.
6:35 am
let's check in with richard jordan at the live desk with more on the name controversy. richard? >> eun, just in. we are learning how virginia residents feel about the name controversy, redskins name controversy. new numbers just came in from the wason center for public policy at newport university. 71% support keeping the team name. 21% say it should be changed. that's 3-1. if asked if the name is offensive to native americans, 63% no. 23% said yes. the results did not appear with race, gender, party affiliation. it seemed like everyone was in agreement here. virginia football fans say they support the washington redskins more than any other nfl team. cowboys game in at a distant second. thanks, richard. a push to get you talking about the environment in d.c. today. it is called park-ing day.
6:36 am
park the operative word. 18 spots are changing to mini parks with grass and trees. you should see aaron's face. there was a giant shopping car. you can see them in downtown neighborhoods including u street, noma, georgetown. special spots open at 9:00 a.m. we put a link to them on search "parking." >> and you can find grass and trees -- >> in other places. you'll hear what went through passengers's minds in a terrifying moment midair. a data breach at home depot even bigger than target. check out the lines in georgetown at the apple store for the new iphone. we'll check in with amelia siegel to learn what lies ahead for the area today. your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:41. ♪
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some terrifying moments on a jetblue flight to austin, texas. >> smoke apparently filled a cabin after an engine problem yesterday. people using their oxygen masks to breathe. a flight attendant had to manual release the masks for each passenger. they managed to land back in long beach safely. passengers saided they weren't sure the the plane would make it. >> there were a few moments i tried to bring out my phone and call my parents and say this could be it. >> the only thing i could think about was my son. >> jetblue says it is still not sure whether the engine actually caught fire. they are looking into the problem to figure out what it
6:41 am
was. terrifying moments. >> they dropped the cabin pressure. obviously they needed them. good thing they were able to get them released. >> it is shaping up to be a pretty nice morning. >> live from georgetown with the storm team four by four. a few friends i see behind you. >> not like three blocks worth or anything. waiting to get the new iphone 6. you can definitely feel the excitement picking up as we work our way throughout the morning. it was much more quiet. we're noticing more traffic on the roads. what i'm also noticing is the sky here in georgetown this morning. looking at partly cloudy skies across the area. notice the clouds. this is how you can expect the sky to look throughout the day today.
6:42 am
another beautiful, comfortably cool morning. you can lose the light jacket. partly sunny skies. delightful afternoon. high temperature of 75 degrees. back in 10 minutes, including the last weekend of summer. here's alexis with traffic. >> good morning, amelia. >> fatal accident early this morning. you can see it is still closed. allentown closed under branch avenue. use caution as you approach there. back to you, aaron and eun. >> alexis, thank you. i new chance to search a missing
6:43 am
uva student. the massive effort police are hoping to launch this weekend. plus, how change in our area could have an impact. and the top museums in the country and none from d.c. it is
6:44 am
6:45 am
new this morning, the vote
6:46 am
is in. scotland has rejected independence from the united kingdom. pro independence leader are thanking the voters who backed independence saying they had changed forever. the question has been settled for generations. >> the people of scotland have spoken. it is a clear result. they have kept our cup of four nations together. like unless of other people, i am delighted. the queen would make a statement later today. the economy is responding well. british stocks are up in early trading. a massive search will get under way for hannah tpwrapl. the second yea uva student has been missing for nearly a week. bring hannah home was the
6:47 am
message from students at a vigil last night. >> they read letters and shared memories at the sreupbl ill. her peers are holding out hope for a safe return. >> you make things good, hannah graham. where are you? we want you back where you long. we love you more than you know and we can't wait to see you soon. >> it was completely organized by uva students. this man seen following hannah say another man approach her moments after that video was taken and put his arm around her. that's who police would like to speak to now. for more information on how to register to be a volunteer for the search this weekend, go to a d.c. corrections official found dead in alexandria will be
6:48 am
laid to rest this morning. a funeral service will be held for 64-year-old carolyn cross. the family is accepting visitors starting at 9:30 until the service at 11:00 a.m. cross was the deputy director of operations for the department of corrections. police arrested a man for her murder. it is not clear whether the murder was connected to her job. it has been six months since alicia rudd went missing from a d.c. shelter. live at the wilson building with details on a public roundtable today. >> we will hear more about safety procedures. that is the shelter where alicia rudd and her family lived before she went missing. testimony is expected to come
6:49 am
from members of mayor gray's administration as well. council member graham will put together this roundtable saying they cannot accept that it could have been prevented. she had gone missing two weeks before anyone in authority there had even taken notice. again, that public round table set for 11:00 this morning here at the wilson building. we're learning more about a data breach earlier this month at home depot. it went on for months and affected 56 million credit cards, worse than the one that hit target at 40 million. so far no evidence that debit pins were compromised or customers who shop online were affected. trip adviser's new top list
6:50 am
of museums is out. d.c. barely cracked the top 5. national gallery of art at number 5. air and space museum at 6 and newseum in 10th place. the the art institute of chicago earned the title of top museum both of the u.s. and the world. can you believe that? >> yes. >> you made the point earlier there are so many different here in d.c., new york, chicago. incredible art and artifacts. there's a lot to see. >> it is based on taste. some prefer a certain art. some like a little modern. maybe you want the classic. sculpture. classics i think d.c. has some of the best museums on the planet. >> the air and space is my favorite one. heading towards the museums today visiting, welcome to
6:51 am
another gorgeous autumn day under way. it's rather cool. our temperatures in the low to mid-50s. fairfax, northern have va in the 50s. there's a little bit of patchy fog, especially south. visibility is thick with the fog around. around a quarter mile. dense fog around fredericksburg. watch out for that. walking and biking to work, a light jacket. after that, we'll jump into the low 60s. you'll be comfortable with a pull over and partly cloudy sky. into the afternoon, a gorgeous autumn day. highs reaching the mid-70s by midafternoon. this is still astronomical summer but feeling like autumn. post your pictures like angie snyder did. some of the trees changing color in hagerstown.
6:52 am
post on twitter, facebook and instagr instagram. here's how you can connect with me. would love it if you took some pictures. bluemont, virginia, loudoun county. great family friendly fair. 76 on saturday. sunday, near 80. great weather for the bluemont fair in northern loudoun county. up near 80 saturday afternoon. metro area will be mid-80s sunday afternoon. so a touch of summer in the air the last weekend of summer. on monday, the equinox arrives at 10:29 p.m. fall begins. might get a little shower pretkapre tka dawn on monday. and during the afternoon we reach the upper 70s and into the rest of the week. highs in the 70s with morning lows. 50s on tuesday, wednesday,
6:53 am
thursday. a look at the friday morning commute. got volume building now. here is alexis davies in for melissa. what's going on. >> heavier volume of montgomery county. this accident in maryland. fatal accident early this morning and has the off-ramp to branch off on to allentown road closed as you can see from the live pictures. the accident investigation crew is cleaning up. they are just about done. the tow truck just arrived. the area is still closed for the moment. elsewhere, taking a look at the beltway in virginia. all lanes open. no major delays there. traveling out of centreville, 66 into the district, sluggish conditions up to route 50 and on the beltway. aaron and eun, back to you. now to a developing story. sierra leone taking drastic steps to slow down the ebola virus. the entire country is part of a nationwide shut down. all are confined to their homes
6:54 am
while volunteers search for victims in hiding. they are also handing out soap. seeking a billion. 2600 people have died in west were africa. >> montgomery county has dropped plans to demolish the building to make way for a bigger purple line station. yesterday county executive ike leggett said developers weren't keane on the idea of waiting for the new station to be constructed before they could build on top of it. instead, bethesda purple line will be built in a tunnel under the apex building. >> it will be a wait if you ride metro. no stations are closed. blue and orange lines trains will come every 24 minutes. on the green line, 20 minutes between trains. and red line, up to 15 minutes.
6:55 am
plan accordingly. if you find yourself passing a smartphone instead of hailing a cab when you need a ride from the airport, you're not alone. more and more people are using uber to catch their flights. it is causing the airport authority to look at their regulations. taxis are required to wait in a queue before their pickup. some say it's an unfair advantage. >> the commercial insurance we have to have, they don't p so there's a lot of money they don't have to cover that we have to cover. uber welcomes the the discussion and sent this statement, we know that uber can help administrator tackle long taxi queues and welcome working together. . according to the baltimore sun, the olympic committee in our area said rfk stadium is a prime place for development. maryland has a lot of areas that would accommodate olympic
6:56 am
events. of course on d.c. would need to beat boston, san francisco, new york to represent the u.s. and then welcome bids from all over the world. four things you need to know before hitting the door. the wait is over. new iphones are on sale in stores today. some people have been waiting in long lines for days. the iphone 6 and 6 plus have bigger screens. the votes are in. scott land will remain a part of the united kingdom. find out what this means during a live report in a few minutes on the "today" show. d.c. council member jim graham will lead a roundtable over the disappearance of alicia rudd. a recent report found the city could not have prevent the disappearance. tomorrow virginia shorts are launching a massive search for missing uva student hannah gram. find out how to register to here is your storm team 47
6:57 am
day out look. highs today mid-70s. saturday, 80. mid-80s sunday. alexis davy how is it now? >> earlier accident. tow truck on the scene. should be open soon. >> thanks for helping out this week. that is the broadcast this morning. appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic, and any breaking news. hope to see you then. until then, have a great weekend. >> make it a great
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good morning. united, they stand. scottish residents vote down to break away from england. a gunman suspected of killing a pennsylvania state ooper is pla on the fbi's ten most wanted list as the ma intensifies overnight. in the latest call f the embattled nfl commissioner to step down as a new nbc poll reveals how americans feel about the scandal. you may be surprised by the results. and


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